New pieces made at SJMQT

This website will be updated soon.  Over the past 6 months, I’ve made a lot of new work.  The past 4 months have been particularly busy, but I knew that when I got to Los Angeles, I’d finally have some time to breathe.  I’ve started two new (big) paintings, and have been sketching and thinking of new ideas… getting used to this new, big city.

The space I’m in gets fantastic natural light, and I was able to photograph a lot of my new work that was made at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textile (SJMQT).  Still a lot more photographing of pieces to do, but happy about these.  During my residency at SJMQT, I worked on a project that was based off of people I met (or saw) in San Jose.  Honestly, I wish I could have made more of these small from-memory portraits.  They were really fun to make, and it was educational to work small – to finish a body of work quickly.  Nonetheless, I’m happy to be back to working large on artwork about my own personal journeys, though, I do feel inspired to make landscape paintings of Los Angeles.  The city is full of dualities, as well as a history that feels personal to me.

The names for these pieces come from excerpts from my journal.  Ideas and observations flowing through this mind.

There’s actually a few more pieces, including a collaborative one and two larger pieces that were finished at the residency.  This was what I compiled today.