New Work Made in LA

I was writing out a newsletter yesterday and realized that I’ve made a lot of new work since I moved to LA.  I’m using this blog post to consolidate these new pieces.  Everything has been made since July.

Here’s the larger painting I’ve made:

In addition I started making these “meta” flowers that are flowers with flower screen prints sewn into them.  I can’t quite say what they will be used for, but I see them in a future installation 🙂

Lastly… I’ve been getting really into watercolors mixed with glitter.  Check out these two new pieces:

What else?  I’m going to be releasing new *digital and screen prints* really soon – stay tuned!

We also had an open studio for the Brewery Art Walk.  It went really well – was great to meet so many art lovers 🙂  I posted a few photos and videos from that on instagram.