Busy Weekend at SJMQT

What a weekend it’s been.  First Friday at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles plus their 40th Anniversary Celebration this Sunday.

For First Friday, Gwendolyn Reyes (the Manager of Museum Engagement) helped me plan a participatory art-making event.  Museum go-ers could make their own small mixed media piece and / or they could contribute to a collaborative work-in-progress.  I’m going to work on the collaborative piece throughout the next few weeks and display it as part of new work for next first Friday (June 2nd.)

Maya Songbird also performed at SJMQT on Friday!  (See photo below.)  I’m so glad that Maya was able to perform at the museum when I am the resident artist there.  As two people who live in Oakland, we both agree that San Jose is a great place for art and music!

My project while at the museum involves taking in the energy of San Jose and reflecting that on canvas (or muslin).  I’m looking forward to getting deeper into this project over the next few weeks, and then I will share some work.

Sunday, the 40th Anniversary was so much fun.  It was really great to collaborate with Courtney who’s performance was stunning.  She performed 5 times over the event, and she will be performing again for June First Friday on the 2nd.  Courtney’s performance took place inside of my installation, “Before You Were Born,” in which she became part of the piece, interacting with viewers.  We worked together on the concept for her costume, which I painted and sewed together.  I also face and body painted her early this morning for the performance and event.  “Before You Were Born,” will be on display in the maker space gallery throughout my residency.

A big thanks to SJMQT for putting this event together and having a kick-ass artist residency.  <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Enjoy the photos and video below.  *Professional* photos to come.  For now, here’s what I’ve put together.

work in progress at sjmqtThe outlined fist piece that’s blue and white is the collaborative piece we worked on Friday evening and Sunday… lots of work to do on it now!  *** In progress photo of working in the maker studio space at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles.

workshop first friday at sjmqt

Look at all these creative people making mixed media fiber paintings!

maya songbird with laurie shapiroMaya Songbird performed at First Friday doing a live music set in the main museum gallery.  She’s standing next to a painting I’m working on of her — can you tell?  A background detail is that when she was posing for this piece, she called this pose her “Malcolm X pose.”

Another video of Courtney performing just because.