Astral Visions from my Mind — Art and Cake Review

Thank you Art and Cake LA for the review of “Before You Were Born,” at Radiant Space.

” This month, Radiant Space presents an unexpected den of astral visions from the mind of Los Angeles based artist Laurie Shapiro. Just off of Sunset Boulevard, Radiant Space conceals its white walls under kaleidoscopic tapestries of painted muslin and hand-sewn screen prints.

Before You Were Born functions as a celestial womb rather than a gallery space. A smoking sage stick rests on a plate by the entrance while music plays of an assembly of hypnotic drums and guitars. Dazzling arrays of paintings mimic the gesticulations of symbolist painter Gustav Klimt and are sewn together using silver metallic sheets. Hand-sewn lanterns hang at eye level, thrusting visitors into a surreal perspective shift.” – Sydney Walters

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