laurie shapiro in her studio

Standing next to a painting i’m working on in my studio…


“Sweatlodge,” mixed media painting on fabric. 112″ x 120″


Jon Jon standing in front of “Nettles”

Jon Jon standing next to one of Laurie Shapiro's pieces in her studio

Jon Jon standing next to a painting in my studio.

Laurie and Jon Jon in front of nettles paintingMe and Jon Jon playing music in front of “nettles” at the grease Diner


laurie shapiro large painting installation artJon Jon inside of a large painting / installation

laurie shapers work at the grease dinerImages of artwork on the walls of the Grease Diner

Lauries artwork up at the grease dinerMore of my paintings on display at the grease diner…

Laurie Shapiros art in Berkeley CAPhoto taken by Courtney during my art show at Studio 9, in Berkeley CA.

jon jon cassagnol and laurie shapiro of the grease dinerAww, me and Jon Jon in front of “Her Crucifixion”